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Mon Mar 12 13:46:22 GMT 2001

Hello Leandro,

Monday, March 12, 2001, 6:53:09 AM, you wrote:

L>     i had a little problem with my smbserver. I use linux to my
L> fileserver. The computers of my company are loggin in this
L> fileserver. But many times the answer of the server is "the
L> password informed is incorrect or the access to the server was
L> denied" ...
L>     without change the password and pressing enter 2 or 3 times,
L> the smbserver accept the connection. I want to know if there are
L> some option in the smb.conf file to change this ...  

I have had this exact problem here.  I'll hazard a guess that the
client PC's with this issue are using DHCP to get their network
settings from the server?

I don't have a solution, but I do have a workaround here.  I have
finally figured out that the client machines that have the problem are
using DHCP to assign the WINS server settings.  If I continue to use
DHCP to assign the client's IP address and other settings, but turn
off the "Use DHCP for WINS" checkbox, and manually enter the IP of the
Samba server as the WINS server, then the problem goes away.

What's funny is that once you do get in, running winipcfg.exe always
shows that the Samba server was setup as the WINS server via DHCP.  I
suspect an issue with the DHCP server I am using on Redhat 6.0, as
I've got other Samba servers that do not have this trouble - and the
primary difference there I think is that they are using a different
DHCP server. Then again, I've got client PC's that do not have this
trouble with that server!  Go figure.  Anyway, I am speculating that
the WINS server setting does not take effect immediately after the
Windows 98 client boots up, and therefore the first few logon attempts
to the domain fail, because it cannot find the logon server.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this topic?  Am I barking up the
wrong tree in thinking this is an issue with the DHCP server, or is it
just that Windows 98 has something broken in its DHCP implementation?


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