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Hi there,
I've tried the support for downloading printer driver files with Samba
2.2.0-alpha2 and encountered some problems:
First I tried a PCL driver which seemed to work except for configuring the
printer afterwards. It won't accept other paper sizes than US letter,
although other formats are stored in the corresponding *.gpd file.
Then I tried a PS driver, but Windows insists that there is no driver
installed when I tried to configure it. Nevertheless it prints.
I'm not shure if something changed from NT4 to W2k in the printing modell,
but the directory name is still W32X86. The files were transferred correctly
into \\server\print$\W32X86\3 and then installed onto the client machine,
but configuring seems to be the problem.
If someone has any clue what to do, please drop me a note.


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On Thu, 08 Mar 2001 08:09:31 Jochen Witte wrote:
> thanks for Your answer. First I tried to install the
> HP Laserjet 2100 Driver from a Windows 2000 Client onto
> the Samba-Server. This didn't work at all - no files
> in print$ and an errormessage on the Windows box.
> Then I installed Vmware with a Windows NT 4.0 Guest
> Operatingsystem (because I don`t have any more machines...).
> Here I managed to get files into the print$/W32X86
> share. There`s now a directory "2" with the following

This is correct.

> Unfortunately these drivers are for a HP Laserjet 2000,
> because there ain't any drivers for the 2100 on the NT-CD.
> But this shouldn`t cause the problems I had...
> Do You need any further information?

PCL drivers have been somewhat of a problem.  Can you
try PS drivers (I'm guessing here 'cause my 2100 is a PS/PCL)?
I'll try the 2100 PCL drivers from the Win2k Pro CD and see
if I can reproduce it.

Ping me back the first of the week and remind me, ok?

CHeers, jerry
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