Serving user lists to Windows9x stations

Paul Jansen vlaero at
Sun Mar 11 07:01:03 GMT 2001

If you install the 'server tools for Win95' (which can
be found on the NT server CD) you can get a user
manager, server manager, event viewer etc. for use on
win9x.  Will the user manager app now work on 9x on
the current CVS build or are there other
un-implemented RPCs that still prevent this from
happening?  I am not in a position to try the current
CVS build.  Can someone answer this?

>They are referring to the list of users employed by
>Win9x for share
>permissions, when "user-level" is selected in >the
"access control" tab of
>the network control panel.

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>Im sure this is a stupid question - but when Jeremy
>and others tak about
>'serving out user lists correctly to a Win9x box' -
>what do they mean (user



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