KiXtart for Linux?

Paul Jansen vlaero at
Sat Mar 10 06:02:53 GMT 2001


Kixstart is not only a set of files that are served
out.  It is an RPC service that runs on the server
that allows Win9x clients to do things like determine
whether they are a member of a specific NT group. 
Think about it - there is no way do do this on a 9x
client without some sort of talking to the server.
The question still stands then - Kixstart for SAMBA?
(I'm interested in it running on server platforms
other than Linux as well).

Marshall, Joshua wrote:

>KiXtart will be served fine from a Linux server - it
only works with
>Windows clients though, as it is basically executed
on the client at
>logon time.

>Mike Lamasney wrote:

>> The KiXtart scripting facility is great for login
scripts in Win9x
>> when interfacing to an NT PDC, and offers many
convenient features
>> over simple DOS batch files.  Question: Does anyone
know if there
>> is a KiXtart server package to run on a Linux
server running Samba
>> as a PDC?

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