Group weirdness with Samba

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Hi Sven,
The users that are affected, are they members of a LOT of groups?  And the
group that you are having problems with, how long is the list of members for
this group?  And when the problem DOES occur, does it affect ALL members of
the group, or just a select few of them?
When the problem occurs, you might want to set debug level = 10, and log
file = ..../log.%m
and reproduce, and check the debug statements for the # of groups the user
is in, and see if that matches with what a physical look at /etc/group has
to say. Speaking of /etc/group, are you by any chance using NIS?
hope this helps,

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Does anybody have any comments or suggestions for this?



Hello all,

I'm running 2.0.7 on a Compaq ProLiant w/ the 2.2.18 kernel on RedHat 6.2
and all but the most recent patches.  Clients are all NT 4 WS with SP6a.
Validation is done via NT DC's.  It runs splendidly, except for this small

I have access to certain shares restricted via groups in my valid users
fields.  I've run into a problem where it seems that, although the user
belongs to a group valid for that share, he is not allowed access to the
share.  Instead, the user gets a username and password prompt.  If I remove
a couple of users from the group and try again, it'll work.  If I add the
users back it may continue working, but some time later it'll act up again.

Has anybody seen this before?  Any ideas?


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