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Does anybody have any comments or suggestions for this?



Hello all,

I'm running 2.0.7 on a Compaq ProLiant w/ the 2.2.18 kernel on RedHat 6.2 and all but the most recent patches.  Clients are all NT 4 WS with SP6a.  Validation is done via NT DC's.  It runs splendidly, except for this small problem.

I have access to certain shares restricted via groups in my valid users fields.  I've run into a problem where it seems that, although the user belongs to a group valid for that share, he is not allowed access to the share.  Instead, the user gets a username and password prompt.  If I remove a couple of users from the group and try again, it'll work.  If I add the users back it may continue working, but some time later it'll act up again.

Has anybody seen this before?  Any ideas?


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