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I've recently set up TNG on a solaris 8 (ultra sparc) server.
Its controlling a domain of around 30 nt workstations. Each has a drive
'D:' containing data to be backed up. The sparc box has a DDS4 dat drive.

My plan: configure samba to mount the PCs disks, copy each disk's changes
to a local drive on the sun, copy that disk to tape.

I've compiled TNG with the --with-smbwrapper option [1] and have an file.

Now what? It looks like this is going to work from /smb something like 
an automounter. So I'm thinking I need some kind of entry in something 
like vfstab ?? 

Thanks for any suggestions or links...


[1] this needed a tweak - at a guess I'd say the 'HAVE_UTIMES' flag isn't
set properly under Solaris 8. Its define in <time.h> but in wrapped.c 
if is included. OR, is it simply that the '#ifdef' should really be a 
'#ifndef' ???
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