nmbd as WINS proxy

Dr CHEUNG Ngai Tseung cheungnt at ha.org.hk
Fri Mar 9 06:59:13 GMT 2001

Thanks for the information. In that case, what is mean by the man page when
it says "In addition, nmbd can act as a WINS proxy, relaying broadcast
queries from clients that do not understand how to talk the WINS protocol to
a WIN server"?

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		> Is it in fact possible to set things up so that I can ping
a netbios
		> name from the linux box? 

		Not with the wins settings discussed in this thread. They
are only 
		for samba, which is one linux application. To be able to
ping with 
		netbios names you have to get them into "the TCP/IP part of
the OS". 
		May be winbind is what you are looking for, but I'm not sure
as I 
		don't use it. Winbind is still experimental (?).

		Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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