nmbd as WINS proxy

Dr CHEUNG Ngai Tseung cheungnt at ha.org.hk
Fri Mar 9 06:07:21 GMT 2001

		* "CHEUNG" == CHEUNG Ngai Tseung <cheungnt at ha.org.hk>

		> Is it possible to have Samba transparently resolve netbios

		If you want nmbd to act as a WINS server then you do wins
support =
		yes and you setup all your windows machines to register with
the WINS
		server by setting up wins in the TCP/IP network properties
on the
		windows machines.  If you already have a WINS server and
want the
		Samba machine to use the WINS server to resolve netbios
names then you
		do a wins server = x.x.x.x.  The WINS proxy will only work
if the
		windows machines are not configured to use WINS and you say
that you
		are an NT shop already using NT for the WINS.  Sounds like
you need
		the "wins server = " option of the smb.conf.

I have done all this with no effect. Here are the relevant smb.conf settings
	wins server =
	name resolve order = lmhosts wins bcast
	wins proxy = yes
	dns proxy = no

In fact I have tried all sorts of combinations with no effect.

Is it in fact possible to set things up so that I can ping a netbios name
from the linux box? Adding hosts is not an option since our network has
thousands of machines.


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