Printer Driver Installation

Jochen Witte jwitte at
Thu Mar 8 14:09:31 GMT 2001

Gerald Carter wrote:
> On Wed, 07 Mar 2001 12:07:41 Jochen Witte wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > just tried to establish automatic Printer-Driver-Installation on Samba
> > 2.2.0alpha2 (PRINTER_DRIVER2.txt). After following the
> > Installation-Steps under WINNT4, there are
> > 4 new files (in <samba-dir>/printers/W32X86/2) on my samba-machine
> > (acting as a PDC).
> >
> > But then I get the usual meaningless NT-Errormessage
> >
> > "General protection-fault at adress..."
> How are you installing the driver?  What driver is it and
> where did you get it?  I'm assuming everything works ok
> when installing the driver on a real NT host.

thanks for Your answer. First I tried to install the HP Laserjet 2100
Driver from a Windows 2000 Client onto the Samba-Server. This didn't
work at all - no files in print$ and an errormessage on the Windows box.

Then I installed Vmware with a Windows NT 4.0 Guest Operatingsystem
(because I don`t have any more machines...). Here I managed to get files
into the
share. There`s now a directory "2" with the following files in it:

Unfortunately these drivers are for a HP Laserjet 2000, because there
ain't any drivers for the 2100 on the NT-CD. But this shouldn`t cause
the problems I had...

Do You need any further information?


Jochen Witte
<jwitte at>

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