Groups Using 2.2a2

Jon Wright Jon.Wright at InfoTechFL.Com
Wed Mar 7 15:32:10 GMT 2001

	I have a server installed and running as a PDC using Samba 2.2 Alpha2
(Jan. 29, I think). I am able to authenticate domain logins from Win2k,
WinNT 4 and Win98. The question that I have is, can I use global groups
on the PDC for access control? I know about the Domain Admin group, and
it appears to be working. Domain Admins is the only group that appears
as a
Global Group instead of a local group in User Manager.
	When I try to view the list of group members using User Manager for
Domains on my NT box, I get a "procedure number is out of range" error.
Is this something that should work now, 
or is support still in the works?


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