Win2k logon to Samba Domain

Greg J. Zartman greg at
Tue Mar 6 16:59:05 GMT 2001


I'm running Samba 2.2.0 alpha 2 from CVS as a PDC for Win2k machines, so the
combination does work.  With that said, here are a couple of thoughts:

1. I've read in other posts, and in the Samba FAQs, that Win2k had a problem
with domain names with an even number of characters.  My domain name has
even characters and I can join the domain with no problem, BUT I don't have
Service Pack 1 installed on my Win2k machines.  The Samba FAQs state that
the problem with having even characters was fixed in late December, but then
people were having problems once when they installed service pack 1.  I
can't speak to this specific issue, maybe others can.  Maybe try using a
test domain name with an odd number of character, if you already haven't
done so.

2. Make sure you are using your root account to authenticate the join
process from the client side.   This assumes that you have setup a Unix
group for your domain admins, have added root to that group, and have
specified this Unix group in the smb.conf files as the domain admin group.
The Samba FAQs state that even though other user accounts can be part of the
domain admin group, only root can authenticate machines joining the domain.

3. If you are upgrading your machines, not simply adding win2k machines to
your network, then you'll need to reset the machine accounts on the samba
PDC.  I do this by simply deleting the appropriate entries in the smbpasswd
file and then re-add them manually.

Good luck.


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Subject: Win2k logon to Samba Domain

> Hi All,
> I am running Samba Version 2.2.0-alpha2, my NT4 machines logon to the
> perfectly (except for a hickup in my mappings due to permissions, but I
> fiddle with that). But I want to upgrade the network (or more my employer
> to a Win2k Professional network.
> So I setup a machine with win2k pro on it created the necessary accounts
> I go to join the domain and it gives:
> The following error occured while trying to join the domain
> The procedure number is out of range
> Any help with this matter would be gratefuly appreciated, even pointing
> useful documentation etc would be great. I have been trolling around for
> and the only info I seem to find is on mailing lists but that is also
> minimal.
> Thanks in advance,
> Your sincerely,
> Scott McKean

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