NIS+ and smbpasswd.

Akop Pogosian akopps at CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Mar 6 10:01:50 GMT 2001

I have a question about NIS+ and smbpasswd command. Suppose that none
of the passwords in the smbpasswd file were set since converting unix
passwd to smbpasswd format and then I transfer this data into a NIS+
smbpasswd table and change smb.conf to use smbpasswd NIS+ table for
password database. Could our unix users set their windows passwords by
just running smbpasswd even though their smb password has not been set
yet or do the system administrator has to initiate it as root?

Does anyone actually use Samba with NIS+ support? Does it work well?
I find very little documentation about NIS+ and Samba in 2.0.7
distribution ..

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