hpdj990c and samba

Mike massey at rmci.net
Tue Mar 6 01:17:03 GMT 2001

NT from personal experince with 8 of them on my network does not like 890C
drivers. NT will drop it's RPC Server and die, try that on a network print
server. HP says the newer release fixed this but it did nothing to help us.
On HP Printers you can use the universal series drivers 500 550C 600C 660C
on most printers except for the Windows only printers, yes HP makes these
and no DOS apps will not print. Yes you will loose all of the HP ads and
some funtionality but the printers will work fine.



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Hi Jeremy,

Were you able to download the driver? Did you try it?



Rajeev Agrawala wrote:

> Jeremy Allison wrote:
>> Rajeev Agrawala wrote:
>>> DJ850C works fine for me too. It the DJ890C and DJ990C, that don't work.
>>> NT does not come with default drivers for DJ890C and DJ990C. I have
>>> downloaded drivers from www.hp.com.
>>> Have you tried DJ890C/DJ990C?
>> Can you send me the drivers please and I'll test this here.
> Hi,
> You can download the driver for 990C from
> ftp://www.hp.com/pub/printers/software/dj997en.exe
> and for 890C from
> ftp://www.hp.com/pub/printers/software/dj884en.exe
> Instead of executing these files on my PC, I unzipped the distribution
> using winzip and while installing print drivers on samba, I clicked have
> disk for choosing the printer driver and browsed to the drivers dir
> inside this downloaded distribution. Since these files are large (a
> couple of Mbytes), I did not enclose them in the email. But if you have
> any problem in downloading these files, please let me know. I will send
> it by email.
> Thanks for looking into this.
> rajeev

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