Shortcuts now point to shares

Jason Todd todd.4 at
Mon Mar 5 16:41:49 GMT 2001

I found a solution to this problem (shoulda done the search BEFORE sending
my previous message).  ;-)

I found article Q158682 in MS Knowledge Base.  Its description and
background info are worthwhile, but I don't trust their solutions.  The
Shortcut.exe program seems like a good fix, but I read from another site
during my search that it doesn't work very well.

So, here's what I found works great.  Go to and in
their "free software" section download the SCUT program, a replacement for
Microsoft's Shortcut.exe program.  This is what I was going to write, but
now I'm not going to reinvent the wheel.

Now, what would be the best way to automate the execution of SCUT?  I have
a login script set up.  If I run it from there, can I trust that the
profile has already been downloaded to the local machine?

Jason Todd

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