Shortcuts now point to shares

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Mon Mar 5 16:28:45 GMT 2001

Ive had a similar problem with a completely winnt network.  A group of
workstations have a centralised startmenu, and on occasions when choosing a
shortcut it has tried to open the application accross the network so instead
of running "C:\Program Files\App\App.exe"  it has been trying to run
"\\GRCD9\C$\Program Files\App\App.exe"  This is very wierd.  I got round
this by opening the affected shortcuts and editing them to point to the
right place.  But every now and then, they are changed again.  Oh, and in
this case, the users in question have only read access to the shortcuts.  It
seems that winnt is changing them itself.  

So this doesnt seem to be just a samba thing.

Tim Gildersleeve

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> Here's another good one by NT in my lab - Samba 2.0.7 on RedHat 7.0 (linux
> 2.2.16-22smp) server, Windows NT 4.0 SP 6 workstations.
> All of a sudden, many of my users' Start Menu and Desktop shortcuts don't
> work correctly anymore.  When selected, they prompt for a username and
> password for '\\WORKSTATION\ADMIN$' where WORKSTATION is some other
> computer in the lab.  Apparently the account must be a local account for
> WORKSTATION, but the only local account(s) on the machines are the default
> when NT is installed (Administrator et al).  I examined the LNK files in
> question, and each has the "local volume" AND "network share" bits set,
> meaning the target can be found on a local drive (normal) in addition to a
> network share on some other workstation (abnormal in these circumstances).
> It is apparently trying the network share first, though I have no idea
> why.  I was able to patch a screwed up LNK file by turning off the
> "network share" bit and it worked, so I'll probably have to write a small
> utility that strips that out of each and every shortcut in my users'
> profiles.  Or, does anyone have any better ideas?  I'm very interested in
> seeing if anyone else has experienced this.  The problem is just getting
> worse, as more and more shortcuts are continually being affected.  I can't
> tell if one machine in particular is screwing up the shortcuts.
> P.S.  In the near future I'm going to turn off local caching of profiles,
> which may prevent this from happening again.  Prevention aside, I need a
> FIX first...
> Jason Todd
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