Policies and Samba 2.2.alpha2

Ben Liesfeld ben.liesfeld at gmx.de
Sun Mar 4 15:58:34 GMT 2001

Hello Christian,

> One thing we expirenced when testing policies is that the updates are 
> sometimes only made if the user dosn't have a ntuser.dat in his 
> profile, e.g. if it is a new profile/user. This is especially ture if 
> you have restricted some thing und then you give up the ristriction. 

> To my opinion, if you see an obvious policy-influens ("color") at a 
> new profile, the samba side is o.k. The updates seem to be the tricky 
> part of NT.
That's the first time that somebody tells me that it's NT's fault.
Well, I would accept any solution cause I have no clue what it could
I don't have any doc about NTserver and preparing NTws for roaming
profiles. I just followed the instructions given in the samba faqs and
howtos (and O'Reilly books and any doc in the Internet), i. e.
  - I made local profiles on a workstation, copied them into the
    profiles directory on the samba server,
  - with poledit.exe (version 4.00) from ZAK (or SP6a, they are equal)
    I composed a ntconfig.pol which I saved in "netlogon" on the server,
    readable for everyone
  - and changed the local reg key for "remote update" to active (as in
    the ntconfig.pol, too)

I don't use groups in the policy (well, I tried several times to use
them but they are obviously ignored), just users by name. For testing
I only changed one property in the policy (desktop image). During the
first few logins with several users, the registry was updated, but
after a not specified number of logins it did not work anymore.
Does this look like a problem of NT? Well, if policies don't work with
NTws and NTservers, what's the reason that people pay money for it?
(ok, this question is rethorical, don't answer).

Honestly, I can't believe that's it's an NT problem.

Isn't there anybody who got this to work?  I just want to know, if
it's possible...

 Ben Liesfeld                            mailto:ben.liesfeld at gmx.de

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