Policies and Samba 2.2.alpha2

Christian Barth barth at cck.uni-kl.de
Sun Mar 4 12:21:27 GMT 2001

>   of the user). The scripts are executed but the policy is not always
>   updated. I can't figure out a logical rule for the policy being

One thing we expirenced when testing policies is that the updates are 
sometimes only made if the user dosn't have a ntuser.dat in his 
profile, e.g. if it is a new profile/user. This is especially ture if 
you have restricted some thing und then you give up the ristriction. 

To my opinion, if you see an obvious policy-influens ("color") at a 
new profile, the samba side is o.k. The updates seem to be the tricky 
part of NT.


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