Samba as Domain Controller

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I agree! In my old job at a school all client machines were win 95. A 95
machine can only be part of a workgroup and not a domain. Thus a domain
controller with a machine password database would make no sence if win 95 is
only validating a username and password.
We used a 2.0.7 server as a file-server with the user password database.

I am currently working on a NT 4 network with all clients NT4 wks controlled
by a samba server which is a PDC, as a machine database is required.



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>> >75 users on windows 9x).
>> For Win9X machines you do not need a PDC. Samba 2.0.7 will do fine for
>> these machines.
>This doesn't make any sense.  What does the client OS have to do with the
>weather or no you need a PDC???  A PDC basically centralizes netword admin
>on one machine.  The client OS makes no difference.


it makes eminent senses when you realize that Microsoft does not use the
Domain Controller protocols (Encrypted RPCs) for Win9X logons, but does for
WinNT and Windows 2000.

Thus, the client OS makes a big difference. Take my word for it, lots of
people are using Samba 2.0.7 and below as a logon server for Windows 95, 98
and ME, and have been doing so for years.

You do need to set the parameter 'domain logons = yes'. And, you might want
'encrypt passwords = yes', but then again, you might not.

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