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Mark Haney wrote:

> Is it possible that the Z: drive was statically mapped?  That's about the
> only way I can think of that the drive mapping still show up with the login
> script diabled.  I have never seen it otherwise. Try disconnecting that
> mapping and logging in again.
> Hope this helps.

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> Hi,
> I'm using samba 2.2.0alpha on Linux and made it a PDC.
> I was successfull in creating a logon script that is executed by an NT
> machine.
> One strange thing happens now....
> In the logon script I do somethin like :
> NET USE M: \\donald\martin
> Now the share /home/martin is mapped to the M: drive at the NT4 Workstation,
> but
> also a mapping is made to Z:
> When I remove the line from the logon script then also the mapping to Z: is
> still there.
> Does samba automatically map the home directory of the user to Z:......or is
> there some
> configuration paramter to overcome this problem?
> Best regards,
> Martin Eggens
> eggens at

I'm not 100% sure about NT behaviour but I think this is a Windows NT "feature"
that relates to profiles.  The Samba default for logon home is \\%N\%U, which
when coupled with being a PDC results in the Windows clent mapping the Z:
drive.  If you want to disable roaming profiles (and thereby the mapping of the
Z drive if I'm correct) you should define logon home =      and logon drive
=     in your smb.conf file.  In other words assign both of them a null value.
Perhaps another option is to place the command `net use M: /HOME' in your logon
script.  I have `net use H: /home' in mine but I have only Win 98 clients.  I
hope somone will correct me if I'm wrong, but that's how I would proceed.

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