Again: Win2k, joining domain WORKS!

Sven Siemsen sven at
Thu Mar 1 16:16:09 GMT 2001

Greg, Philipp,

thanks a lot for helping me. I just updated my CVS tree today, I also have
put qoutes around the add user script statement in smb.conf and it WORKS
Many thanks to the Smaba Team for fixing up MS Crap, must be annoying...


am 28.02.2001 17:25 Uhr schrieb Greg J. Zartman unter greg at

> Sven,
> My Samba PDC didn't "work" the first time I tried it either.  I'm not as
> experience with Samba as I'm sure many of the others here are, but I think
> the best way to get Samba going is to start simply.  Put only the minimal
> configuration information in smb.conf file, fire it up and check the logs.
> Use the smbclient and smbstatus utilities to test run samba on the machine
> itself.  What I looked for is the following:
> nmbd log:  Make sure that the log reports that nmbd knows which machine it
> is and declares itself the master domain browser.  The first time ran the
> daemons, I spent an hour or so trying to figure out what was wrong only to
> find that the log.nmbd was reporting that nmbd didn't couldn't resolve it's
> NETBIOS name.  Come to find out, the problem was with my DNS.
> smbd log:  Verify that it is reading in all of your shares with no errors.
> samba.log(the log that you specify in the smb.conf file):  This one seems to
> be a little more difficult to read, for me, that the other two.  I think
> alot of what is reported here only really makes sense to a person that knows
> that the samba code says.  But, if samba has a problem performing a function
> (e.g., joining a machine to a domain), it will report some kind of error
> here.  If you can't figure out what it means, post it on the mailing list
> and maybe someone else will.  Most of the time though, I've been able to
> figure out what the errors mean.
> smbclient:  make sure you can connect to local host with no errors using
> smbclient -U% -L localhost.  This should give you a list of the current
> shares, tell you the workgroup(or domain) name, and tell you that your samba
> machine is the master.  If you get an error, then go back and look at you
> smb.conf file again.
> smbstatus:  I think this may be a redundant check, but if you get an error
> when executing smbstatus, then you have a problem with your configuration.
> Once you get positive results from the above, then try to join a machine to
> the domain.  I recommend adding the machine manually the first time around.
> Again, this is to keep the smb.conf file as simply as possible until you get
> it working.  Once you've successfully joined a machine to your domain, then
> you can add all of the security stuff and "bells and whistles".
> Good luck.
> Regards,
> Greg J. Zartman
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>> Hi,
>> I also receive this error, but there is neither a machine account for my
> w2k
>> box in smbpasswd+/etc/passwd nor it is being created when trying to join
> the
>> 2.2-dom.
>> My config looks like the 2.2 CVS PDC HOWTO example.
>> Sven
>> am 27.02.2001 16:55 Uhr schrieb Greg J. Zartman unter greg at
>>> Phillipp,
>>> Yes, Raoul fixed me up as well.  It always seems that the little things
> hang
>>> you up the worst.
>>> Greg
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>>> Subject: Again: Win2k, joining domain
>>>> I can join the domain now. (Thanks to Raoul)
>>>> is it true, that the machine-account in smbpasswd MUST NOT exist?
>>>> philipp

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