Samba as a PDC and NIS authentication

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Fri Mar 2 11:55:22 GMT 2001

    Are you really sure that this solution might work? I've been working in
that direcction and I've found enough problems to discard it as a possible
solution. For instance, (allways taking into account that we are under NIS
athentication environment), first at all you have to split the problem in two
subproblems: changing pass from windows side (and automaticly change the
Linux pass), and do it from Linux (and do it automaticly for the windows
env.). Going on, from windows, the standard solution is to use passwd program
= /usr/bin/passwd %u
passwd chat = *Please\senter\snew\spassword:* %n\n
*Please\sretype\snew\spassword:* %n\n
which are executed as root. Using NIS the passwd program has to be yppasswd,
which requires the root password to make the change possible. Well this is
just an example of the problems I've found going in that direction. Honestly,
I think that isn't the best way to solve the problem of password unification.

    I think that a good way to solve the two passwords syncronization was
pointed yesterday by Iervine, based on using a web page to manage both
password-changes. If any one could give me more info about how to implement
it, I would really apreciate it. The Samba PDC, the NIS Server and the Web
Server run on the same machine (I think that this will make things much

thanks again

Joe Olt wrote:

> I have been playing with such an environment.  It will work.  We are using
> the encrypted passwords = yes option.  With Unix Password Sync = yes, you
> only have to change your password using smbpasswd.
> At 05:31 AM 3/1/2001, roger at wrote:
> >hi,
> >
> >     We have set up Samba (2.0.7, on a 2.2.17 kernel) as a PDC. Our main
> >problem now is that we would like to unify Windows passwords and Linux
> >passwords taking into account that we are using NIS for Linux
> >authentication. The samba PDC and the NIS Server are on the same
> >machine.
> >
> >     We would apreciate any information regarding this pasword
> >unification (Windows with NIS) because we don't know really how to focus
> >the problem (i.e. via scripts, or using any utility, or ?).
> >
> >     Thank you very much for your help
> >
> >roger
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