GuinBoxes "Access Control List" in Samba 2.2.alpha 2 - PDC

Sam ecaillava at
Thu Mar 1 21:51:09 GMT 2001

HI you all ! 'n congratulations because of a very good work.

I have a Linux box (SuSE 7) with Samba 2.2 alpha 2 
(really these are two boxes even when I'm doing weekly
manual backup for 'BDC' prevents), controlling as PDC 
and serving files in a medium size net (around 100 
"guinXX'clients" ).

It's working fine (REALLY FINE!), I have not reazons
to complain abouth -specially when I'm conscient that 
i'ts an alpha release- because it's doing all the work
(and more yet !) like before was doing it a GüinNT4 SVP6 
Server, and Samba is doing it faster 'n better yet. 
Much FASTER, I could say that like 30% FASTER or plus 
(I did some not very cathedratic, but very practice tests
'n that is the result I've got).


Now, the problem (it's not so BIG problem), is that I could not make the Samba give to every guin box the list of Domain users so they can share they own resources

I MEEN...  The guin boxes can't get de "Access Control List"
from the Samba PDC-Server.




I read in "Recent's FAQ.txt" that this capacity may be going
ready in 2.x versions, but it look I'm not so smart because 
I can't do it work... |:-))

Can somebody help me ?
Can somebody tell me if right now (2.2.0. alpha2) do it ?
Can somebody tell me how to make it working ?

Thanks a lot since now for every body


I'm still looking for the way to send my PIZZA to Canberra 
since here (a litle city lost in -Tucuman - Argentina- 
almost the end of world), when I discover it, I'll send to Andrew the best pizza from this land (I do it my self) |:-))

Eduardo Caillava
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