To the samba crew

Larry Clark xwindowuser at
Thu Mar 1 17:39:35 GMT 2001

well if that bug is well know I am in the clouds cuz this is the first
time I have heard about it.

"Anders C. Thorsen" wrote:
> Tom,
> samba 2.2 is alpha quality software (which is even less stable then beta
> quality).
> the even / uneven bug is well-known and is probably documented in
> the Samba FAQ on
> if you need a good product use samba 2.0.7 which is well documented,
> and works fine for file / print sharing, altough it lacks many of
> the fancy features (which currently are buggy) which are
> beeing developed in samba 2.2.
> --Anders
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> Now i finally solved my problem i can logon to the domain.
> ( Due the stupist bug i have ever seen in my life, the domain name bust be
> uneven !!!!! )
> There are to many damn bugs in samba, and the manual is to short for newbies
> (like me :)
> So keep on working samba and it will be great product :)

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