Win2K Groups, Samba 2.2 Alpha, Broadcasts

Scott Merrill smerrill at
Thu Mar 1 16:34:20 GMT 2001

I've finally managed to get my Windows 2000 servers into my Samba controlled
domain - I tried several recent CVS snapshots, but none seemed to work.  I
ended up using the snapshot from 02-17-2001, and that _finally_ worked!

I've created a Linux group called "admins" and my /etc/smb.conf contains the
line "domain admin group = @admins".  Several users are members of this
admins group.

Now I'd like to add the Domain Admins group to the local Administrators
group on each of the Windows 2000 servers.  I log on to a Win2K server as
the local administrator and navigate Computer Management to Users and
Groups.  I double click the Administrators group, click Add, and then select
my domain from the drop down list.  When prompted, I supply the root
username and password, and am presented with a list of domain users.

At the very end of this list is "Domain Admins".  I click that, then click
Add.  After a short delay, I'm taken back to the group members listing for
the local Administrators group.  If I click Apply or OK at this point, I
receive an error that the trust relationship between the Windows 2000 server
and the domain has failed.  I am unable to add the Domain Admins group to
the local Administrators group.

I _am_ able to add individual domain user accounts to the local
Administrators group; but not with any regularity: sometimes it works, and
sometimes it presents the error about the trust relationship.

Any ideas why this doesn't work?

Also, any ideas why I don't see ANY of my Linux groups in the drop down list
on the Windows 2000 server?  If this is an unfinished feature, that's fine:
I'd just like to know about it!

My Windows 2000 servers are transmitting a fair bit of traffic on ports 88
(kerberos) and 445 (microsoft-ds).  I haven't implemented kerberos, and I
thought that the Win2K servers would be operating in Legacy mode with the
Samba domain controller.  Is there an easy way to disable these


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