Samba as a PDC and NIS authentication

eirvine eirvine at
Thu Mar 1 11:26:19 GMT 2001

Basically, I use encryted passwords and have to have a 
smbpasswd file. 

I also have a web page where students can change their
password. This page calls an expect script which changes
their NIS password, then changes their smbpasswd.


roger at wrote:
> hi,
>     We have set up Samba (2.0.7, on a 2.2.17 kernel) as a PDC. Our main
> problem now is that we would like to unify Windows passwords and Linux
> passwords taking into account that we are using NIS for Linux
> authentication. The samba PDC and the NIS Server are on the same
> machine.
>     We would apreciate any information regarding this pasword
> unification (Windows with NIS) because we don't know really how to focus
> the problem (i.e. via scripts, or using any utility, or ?).
>     Thank you very much for your help
> roger

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