"One password for all"

Thomas Aeby aeby at graeff.com
Thu Mar 1 07:53:41 GMT 2001

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Akop Pogosian wrote:

> Is there a solution, probably samba based that makes uses a single
> password database or does password synchronization completely
> transparently,

The SFI Director NG (see http://www.sfi-director.org) contains a
database (LDAP) based user management where it is possible to update 
various other system user dbs (like e.g. /etc/passwd, smbpasswd, NIS,
...) from the central store. It's main disadvantage is that while the
development progresses fast there is still no release ready yet (sources
are available under GPL though).

You could also have a look at Ganymede which also offers some means
of a centralized user management.

> other proprietary software? Right now, I am thinking of using Samba
> 2.2.x with a wrapper "passwd" script that would take a password from
> user and update the unix and windows password data but that just
> sounds ugly, but certainly doable 

It *is* IMHO ugly but most of the time works fine.

> and the secure RPC password simultaneously, those who use NIS+ would
> know what I am talking about ..)

Hmh, NIS+ ... :-((

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