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(maybe OT)

I am also currently researching the options Novell gives in integrating
Unix & Windows account AND homedirs.

Did you have success with the NDS Account Management ? Did you try to SSO,
too ? I checked the NFS server so far, but it seems not so good (or I
don't understand it)

Anyway, Novell is going to publish their own adaption of samba (a CIFS
server :-) in "spring", so this might be something interesting to look


PS: Sorry for the OT, but for large mixed networks Novell still has some
pluses ...

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Akop Pogosian wrote:

> Is there away to get windows and unix users to use the same password
> database for authentication? So far, I have found two Solutions:
> 1. Use pam_ntdom module on the unix hosts, all password/user data
> lives on a windows NT PDC. This is not a good solution for us at all
> because this is too much hassle just to get a few windows clients
> going (our network is mostly unix based).
> 2. Use Novel NDS with their account management software (a bunch of
> windows utilities and unix pam modules that make all clients, windows
> and unix, authenticate from the same database in NDS).
> 3(?) iPlanet directory server can "synchronize" the passwords with a
> windows NT PDC and I don't know how well that works.
> Is there a solution, probably samba based that makes uses a single
> password database or does password synchronization completely
> transparently, that doesn't involve Windows based PDCs and preferably
> other proprietary software? Right now, I am thinking of using Samba
> 2.2.x with a wrapper "passwd" script that would take a password from
> user and update the unix and windows password data but that just
> sounds ugly, but certainly doable (right now our "passwd" command is
> already a wrapper script because we need to change the unix password
> and the secure RPC password simultaneously, those who use NIS+ would
> know what I am talking about ..)
> -akop

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