using samba as a pdc

Patrick slu at
Thu Mar 1 01:03:21 GMT 2001

Did you try the CVS 2.2 version of samba?    Anything prior will not
allow PDC functionality for win2k clients.

To get Samba2.2:
Look at  and read the Samba2.2  PDC How
to,  also look at the howto for CVS commands.


Rastin Pries wrote:

> Hello, i want to use samba as a pdc. I tested it with win nt4 as
> clients. Therewas no problem. When I used Win 2000 clients, the
> clients are not ableto "get into" the domain. Is there any possibility
> to run win 2000 clientswith a samba pdc? Rastin
> Priespries at
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