simple sharing on an NT Domain

Luke Dyson lukexzx at
Wed Jan 31 03:44:49 GMT 2001

Ok I am a newbie I guess. I have set up a few samba config files in the past 
and they worked. Now this time I am setting up what I thought was simple, 
but it's turning out to be keeping me up late at night reading samba man 
I have a NT Domain network with a NT4 PDC (named NTserver4) and a few 95 
clients. All on a single subnet network . The PDC has WINS 
running and I mapped the new linux machine manually. I added a Linux machine 
to use as a local intranet web server and I want a way to move files to it 
like web pages and pictures. I named the linux machine "intranet" All I want 
is a single public folder to be shared either without a password 
(prefferably) or with a password for a few users. I have tried many 
different configurations and cannot get into the public folder. I can see 
the Linux machine and the public share, but when I try to get into it gives 
me the message


the network name cannot be found.

Like I said I have even tried to set it up user security and create accounts 
for the NT usernames, but none of the passwords worked for the accounts. And 
yes the public folder is created and located in the usr/home directory. Here 
is my config file

workgroup = VEGA
wins server =
security = share
encrypt passwords = yes
preffered master = no
local master = no
guest = ok
path = usr/home/public
writeable = yes
public = yes
printable = no

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Luke Dyson

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