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gene s glick gglick at txc.com
Tue Jan 30 15:11:36 GMT 2001

I'm pretty new to this subject, so please bear with me -

Our IT group has a Samba server that is used by all of us Win98 and
WinNT clients.  I have discovered 2 instances of 'unexplainable'

First is the use of the windows application Excel.  We share a copy of a
spreadsheet amongst many users.  This file gets opened from various
people, sometimes simultaneously.  It seems that when an NT client opens
the file, and subsequently closes it, that no other users can access the
file.  In fact, I have actually seen the file renamed with a name that
bares a striking resemblance to a hex addresss.  Not sure if that's
related or not.  As long as Win98 systems access the file, things seem
to be ok.

The second problem revolves around an Orcad file (this is a schematic
package used by EE's).  Within the file (binary) are 2 data bases. As
long as a Win98 client accesses the file, all is well.  But, when the NT
client opens the file, the internal databases get corrupted, sort of,
such that the program uses the wrong database.  Interestingly, if the
same file is simply copied from the samba serva to a local drive, or any
networked FAT or NTFS drive, all is well.  

Can anyone shed light on this problem?


Gene S. Glick
Senior Applications Engineer
TranSwitch Corporation
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