WG: write permissions / unix rights (was: cannot write @ share...)

Daniel Meszaros DMeszaros at Hellasystems.de
Tue Jan 30 09:47:28 GMT 2001

Eric, I'm really sorry for my sending not to the mailing list but
directly to you. It was my fault (that dumb strg+r isn't the right
solution everytime ;->) ... excuse me.

Here the message for everyone to read (and maybe answer) ... somewhat
changed because I found some answers myself.

>Do the users have permission on the UNIX side to write to /public?

*g* _that_ was the mistake. much thx! i chown'ed /public to
@hellasystems with 770 and everything works fine.

1st i didn't know how to share /var/www to our webdesigner but now i
found a solution ... maybe somebody knows a better one ... then please
write into that list to make it everyone know ... even me (that tiny
linux newbie trying to understand the new old world of UNIX *g*)...

for security reasons i made the folder /testweb into /public and simply
created a symlink to /var/www/html ... i found that i might be better
than sharing the /var/www to the whole network. is there a better way?
then please tell me. :-)


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