cannot write @ share...

Daniel Meszaros DMeszaros at
Mon Jan 29 16:34:57 GMT 2001


i'm quite new in linux terms and samba, so i need your help with my
smb.conf script. i want a linux server (rh7) to be part in a
win2k-domain (which works well), but i can only write on the
home-shares. what must i change to make the share writeable?

thx in advance,
daniel mészáros.

 workgroup = hellasystems
 guest account = nobody
 keep alive = 30
 os Level = 2
 server string = Samba-Server
 encrypt passwords = yes
 interfaces =

 comment =  Home-Verzeichnis
 browseable = yes
 public = yes
 read only = no
 guest OK = no

 path = /public
 read only = no
 comment = Oeffentlicher Plattenplatz
 valid users = @hellasystems
 guest OK = no

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