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You have to give permissions using the local User Manager.  User Manager for Domains only applies to the domain controllers in that instance.


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I am currently running an entirely homogeneous NT4 network and have this
exact problem.  In user manager for domains I have given everybody the
permission to change system time but on the workstation end it makes no
difference, nobody can change the system time unless they have admin.
privileges.  There may be a patch out there but I don't know of one.

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On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Peter Milburn wrote:

> I am sure this is a simple one I have  default.bat script that runs, and
> inside itI am using the net time command.  The only problem is that , a
> can not change the time, says they do not have permission to change it.
> Any suggestions.. ?
> Thanks

Give everyone the permission to change time (in user domain utility).
Or better install a time sync daemon that uses ntp or other network time

> Peter

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