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David Bannon wrote:

> At 10:46 AM 26/1/2001 -1000, Eric Pilger wrote:
> >
> >The FAQ used to very clearly indicate that you had to create the machine
> account BEFORE
> True, but 2.2 now includes code to add the machine account 'on the fly'.
> That does not exclude you from makeing the account before hand, and
> certainly it can make your set up simpler.
> >I have now tried it without the machine name in /etc/passwd. It now fails
> >because I can't add a username that ends with $.
> This is dealt with in the FAQ. See the question 'I cannot include a '$' in
> a machine name.'

The workaround is to do it by hand. However, I can't do it by hand because 2.2
does it 'on the fly'. A true bind is developing.

I'm beginning to wonder though wether this is really any of the problem. So
many people have commented on the vagaries of making Win2K work itself. It's
unclear wether anything but an upgraded NT will work reliably. Too much black
magic involved for me.

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