Winbind and pam.conf on Solaris 2.6

Dean Ward WardD at
Sun Jan 28 04:32:53 GMT 2001


I looking into implementing Winbind on a Solaris 2.6 system to authenticate
against our NT domain. However I have a couple of questions regarding its
setup and configuration. Firstly, could somebody please give a complete
example of how the /etc/pam.conf should look on Solaris 2.6 - I'm a little
troubled by the account line that the man page gives, i.e. that the only
account line required is that for Winbind - surely this would disable Unix
account management? Also, does Winbind provide password management too, so
that our users can change their NT passwords from a Unix shell? Finally,
when logging on would a user have to specify the domain (e.g. DOMAIN\Dean)
or could they just use their user name (i.e. Dean)?

I apologise for all the questions, it's just I don't have access to the box
until early February and I'd like to get it clear in my head what needs
doing before I do it.


Dean Ward

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