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James Nord teilo at cdt.luth.se
Fri Jan 26 16:43:49 GMT 2001

Joakim Tjernlund wrote:

> I am running an Samba PDC with W2K clients.
> Problem:
>   The files in c:\Doument and settings\%USER\Local Settings are not stored
> to
>   the Profile in the PDC(samba 2.2.x)
> There is c:\Doument and settings\%USER\ntuser.ini file which contain:
> [General]
> ExclusionList=Local Settings;Temporary Internet Files;History;Temp;Local
> Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook;
> This indicates that the Local Settings directory is not save on purpose. I
> tried to edit
> this file manually(removed Local Settings) but as soon I had logged out and
> in again
> it was there again(the Local Settings)
> The reason I want to have Local Settings stored on the PDC is that Outlook
> and
> Outlook Express store their mail there and I want to have a copy on the
> samba server
> in case of hard disc crash or similar on the w2k work station.
>  Joakim
Take a look in



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