Dualing Sambas (Or dueling Sambas, depending on how you want to l ook at it)

Gill, Vern vgill at technologist.com
Fri Jan 26 01:28:51 GMT 2001

I need some help here, and some info.

First, what is SURS tdb, and is it similiar to tdbsam? Should I be using
it for TNG.

Now to the real question.

I am considering running both trees on my server. TNG for the DC, and
HEAD for the File/Print. First, is this a good/bad idea? Second, what
are the main things I need to do to allow them both to run? (Aside from
seperate interfaces, already aliased eth0 for that and put the
interfaces = in each smb.conf)

Can the HEAD samba be a BDC or Member server of TNG? Should it/Should it
NOT be?
Can all auth go thru TNG, as this is already working for me?
Do I need them on different ports, or just different ip's?
Various other questions I am SURE will arise as I implement this...

If anyone is doing this, some pointers would be great.


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