[FIX] Clarifcation on Win2k domain client support

Vetter, Gary H. ghvetter at state.nd.us
Thu Jan 25 18:41:58 GMT 2001

We still can't access the Microsoft site (to read the link) after their DNS
problems; can Samba be a member server in a native W2K domain using Active

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We need to clarify Samba's ability to operate as a member of
native Win2k domains.  In the past I have made the statement

	"Samba requires a mixed mode Win2k DC just like
	 any NT 4 clients"

This is partially correct.  Current release and HEAD CVS 
versions of Samba requires NetBIOS support and ntlmv1 
support on the DC's.  You do not need a mixed mode
DC's for this.  The only circumstance (as I understand it
currently) for which you will require a mixed mode DC is if
you are still running NT4 BDC's.

Many thanks to Martin Radford for bring the following URL 
to my attention (it has been wrapped for readability).


Samba's ability to join a Win2k domain with native 
mode DCs has been verified against both the vanilla 
install of Win2k and SP1.  

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