samba 2.2.0alpha PDC and w2k

Jonathan Brown jbrown at
Thu Jan 25 00:59:15 GMT 2001

I can sure recreate the problem, but how do you do a debug level 10 log?


>>> Jeremy Allison <jeremy at> 01/24/01 05:24PM >>>
Mu Wu wrote:
> In today's version of samba 2.2.0 alpha, domain logon works. However, I ran
> into a new problem. As the user creates a new profile, some of the
> permission
> of the profile directory, such as "My Docoments", are d---------. The user's
> profile directory cannot be read or write to by the user. Anyone has similar
> problems?
> Mu Wu

Can you recreate this with a debug level 10 log please ?
I need to see the create flags the NT client is sending
the smbd.



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