SAMBA_2_2 CVS Bringing Win2k into the domain

sambastuff at sambastuff at
Wed Jan 24 17:43:55 GMT 2001

So far I've loved Samba2_2... ... I have an issue that I've been working
on for a few days and I wanted to know if anyone had this problem..
I've brought over 30 Win2k boxes into the domain already..

but now, I can't bring any into the domain.. I go through
the process, putting in a domain user's username/password to bring them
in.. and then it times out a minute later...

I've tried going back to the smbd/nmbd (December 18th or so) binaries I
used to bring the others in with no avail...... I tail the logs when it's
doing this and everything looks right...

Is there anyway to tell win2k to use the old way (like NT4.0) in a reg
hack? i'm pretty much up the creek right now..


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