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C.Lee Taylor lee.taylor at
Wed Jan 24 14:07:09 GMT 2001

Greetings ...

    First, I would like to thank every reguarding Samba, both programmers
and users alike on both Samba and Samba-TNG ... I believe you guys have made
a great project excellent ... Thanks Guys !!

    Second, I appoligise for the cross post, but would like everybodys
ideas, and information.

    I have a setup which I would like to complete, but I don't seem to
understand the differences between M$-LM password storage and Unix Hash
password storage ... I have read though the archives but don't seem to quite
get the difference.  I think it has to do with the encryted password stored
differently so as not to keep a copy of the password on the system which is
used to authenticate a user without transmitting the password of over the
network ... Now I am a user of the Mars-NWE system which explains that the
Novell stored password has the same incompatiblity ... Even though I think I
understand why the stored entry for the password is different, I still don't
get why the password can't be used between systems ...

    Okay, maybe I should try and explain why this is an issue and what I
think I might be able to do ... hopfully, all your input will help create
something I will be able to manage ... here goes ...

    I have finally be able to move all the server functions onto Linux Serve
except for two servers, of which one runs M$-SQL and M$-Terminal Server on
NT 4 ... On the Linux Server I have mail, file serving and other things
which means I have the flexiblity I want ( need ) to controll my networks,
but I have to duplicate all the users details and groupings and so on, on
the TermServer which means that, I as a human, make mistakes and often
forget to do something for new users on the TermServer which would be better
controlled by a Linux Server in one place ...

    I have seen chat about winbind, which is not what I am looking for, if I
understand how it works ... but what I have thought of though, is if I keep
one server to run Samba-TNG as a PDC to sync user data to the two NT boxs
and Samba 2.0.7 ( I would like to have Samba 2.2 with LDAP ) as my file
servers for the Branches ... I am little worried about using none production
ready software in production, but having to recaption everything for users
is not an options ... using Samba-TNG would give me flexilbity for user data
back-end ... which I think I will like to use LDAP for this ...

    I hope this makes more sence than mud, but I would like to hear what
other people think ... any other ideas are welcome ... One more thing ...
sorry this is so long ... but I would like to give a full picture ...

C.Lee Taylor

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