Mac OS X

Phil Quinney philquinney at
Wed Jan 24 07:54:45 GMT 2001

Hi Simon,

As soon as I get the time I shall do some more work on Samba and Mac OS X,
possibly looking at using TNG as well as 2.0.7.

It maybe a while though, I'm only 17 and have a large amount of college work
right now.


on 1/24/01 2:55 AM, Simon Allaway at simona at wrote:

> Phil Quinney wrote:
>> I can tell you for definite, that in the publicly available version of Mac
>> OS X, Samba 2.7 _does_ work. It will do all the things such as joining to a
>> domain controlled by Samba server and offering file shares to Windows
>> clients.
> That's useful knowledge.
> However I was more intrigued by the possibility of OSX as samba clients.
> I'd be so very happy to not have to run netatalk as well as samba. It
> would also reduce complexity if I can have everything authenticate with
> LDAP (which has been proved in those recently posted HOWTOs).
> Simon

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