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Phil Quinney philquinney at
Tue Jan 23 21:55:13 GMT 2001

Hi all,

Just thought you would like to know that I have two Macs at home and have
tested them with samba.

I can tell you for definite, that in the publicly available version of Mac
OS X, Samba 2.7 _does_ work. It will do all the things such as joining to a
domain controlled by Samba server and offering file shares to Windows

However, I was unable to compile TNG on OS X at all. I can't remember the
exact problem as I did this a while ago and have slept since then. This
could have been down to the fact that a lot of necessary developer tools /
libraries were not present in OS X.

As for Dave, I have only used version 2.1. To put things bluntly it was
horrible. Although it would authenticate against the Samba Server it was (1)
very unreliable and (2) would not see the contents of any samba share. I
used it also to share a Mac printer that communicated with the AppleTalk
data diagram protocol with my Linux machine as I didn't have the time to set
up Netatalk to do it. Dave would, nine times out of ten, refuse to find the
printer and not pose so much as a message to say that this had happened.

Enough of a grumble, but I thought this information may be of use to some of

Phil Quinney

on 1/23/01 8:14 PM, Simon Allaway at simona at wrote:

> Well, I asked the Apple tech guy a whole pile of questions about Samba
> and it's potential presence in OSX. Sadly, he had no real idea. His
> words were "oh yeah, the current version works."
> He had no idea what that curretn version was, nor did he know what CVS
> meant.
> So, not a useful meeting. He did however hint that LDAP was going to be
> in there as well as a 'plugin' for Active Directory.
> Simon

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