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One thing you could do;
If you just want the Macintrash users to be able to access the
file/printer shares on your samba box, you could try this. I used this
for a little while when I had to suffer a Mac on my 'net. This of course
requires access to an NT box (server). 

On an NT box, make sure that the Mac stuff is loaded (can't think of
what it's called). Therer should be an automatically created UAM share
on your drive somewhere. Use file manager instead of Explorer to find
it... In that dir, you will find a .UAM file. Copy that to a share on
your Samba box, using the same naming scheme that NT has/had. Then, on
your Mac, connect to that share using basic auth. and install the UAM
file to your System Folder. You can then connect to NT style samba
shares with "high" security. And it will consider your samba box a true
NT DC...

Or, you could try something else... Just an idea...

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You used DAVE for a couple of users or you've used this mysterous port
of Samba
for a couple of users?

I'm ok with it only working as well as Win 9x as we run Windows 98 on
everything here anyway, but I'm just wanting to not have to learn

Chris Tooley

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>Do you know if this is able to become a member of a Samba controlled
>.. [Dave]
Not in an NT sense. It offers no local security although I've seen some
scripts that try to address that. It works more like a w95 and its
certainly a bit clumsy. I've used it for a couple of Mac users but they
never really came to grips with it, just muddled along.

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