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Tue Jan 23 14:57:34 GMT 2001

You used DAVE for a couple of users or you've used this mysterous port of Samba
for a couple of users?

I'm ok with it only working as well as Win 9x as we run Windows 98 on most
everything here anyway, but I'm just wanting to not have to learn another

Chris Tooley

David Bannon <D.Bannon at> on 01/22/2001 03:33:43 PM

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>Do you know if this is able to become a member of a Samba controlled domain?
>.. [Dave]
Not in an NT sense. It offers no local security although I've seen some
scripts that try to address that. It works more like a w95 and its
certainly a bit clumsy. I've used it for a couple of Mac users but they
never really came to grips with it, just muddled along.

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