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Adlerberth Niklas (BAF Teknikgruppen) Niklas.Adlerberth at baf.bonnier.se
Tue Jan 23 14:03:07 GMT 2001

I have a problem whith my samba (Sun box). Its configured to allow two
diffrent nets (193.12.151 and 194.22.140) to connect to 
the server. The smaba box is placed on the 193 net. Its ok to connect from
my computer (NT workstation) from the 194... net, but when clients try to
connect from the 193 net they cant find the samba server ??. Could it be
that they are running win95 or is it som netconfiguration ??
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out with this one, and excuse my bad english

/NIklas Adlerberth 
BAF - Tkn. grp.
niklas.adlerberth at baf.bonnier.se
+46 8 736 5848

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