Kevin Kallsen at kallsen at
Tue Jan 23 00:38:10 GMT 2001

Okay, now I am really revealling how much of a newbie I am.  With help from
this list I was been able to remove my current rpm of samba207.  I was also
able to download the latest 2.2 version using CVS.

I even found some old documentation in a samba book that told me to go the
source directory and type ./configure

But now I am stumped!  As a newbie -- what do I do after that. Be specific
or point me in the right direction.   I know it has something to do with
make or make install or something.  If their is a how to for this I would
love to read it!

Your help is greatly appreciated.  As I am setting up a server for a poor
inner city school that was donated a bunch of win2000 machines, but no

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