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It's not shareware. What you can do is run netatalk on the server that you are
running samba on (if it's linux) and ypu'll be able to share shares,printer,etc.


On 22-Jan-01 Steeve wrote:
> ctooley at wrote:
>> I'm in the position of having to integrate a Mac into an all Windows
>> network.
>> I'm tempted to ask them to hold off on the integration (and run standalone
>> for a
>> couple monthes) until the release of OS X.  At that time I'd at least know
>> something about the OS and how to use it.  What I'm wondering is if there is
>> a
>> release of Samba for OS X and if so how well is integrated into the system.
>> I'm just feeling out the waters to see where it sets before I commit to
>> where I
>> want to take my stand on the Mac in the first place.
> There's a shareware client for Mac called 'Dave', AFAIR.
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