samba 2.2

Pascal Deliot pdeliot at
Mon Jan 22 10:09:28 GMT 2001

I have a similar problem.

I have solved credential conflicts but i still have a problem about a 
"function number out of range".

I making tests on a 2.8 Solaris on sparc and the last cvs of Samba 2.2.
The client machine is under french W2K Pro.


Simo Sorce wrote:

> On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Peter Milburn wrote:
>> Has anyone had any success in using 2.2 alpha ? I am configuring as per the
>> doco from, On the windows 2000 machine, when trying to join the
>> domain, I get the following error.
>> Your computer could not join the domain becuase of the following error:
>> 		The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of
>> credentials
> Yes, people succeded.
> Your error is common (and seen also under NT4).
> The errror means that before joining the domain you have made a connection
> to the domain controller (browsed/mapped a share ....).
> Reboot your windows machine just before joining and after the boot
> immediately join the domain without connecting anywhere.
> After you joined, you may connect where you want.
> hope this helps,
> Simo.

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